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Extry! Extry! Get yer hands on our latest book, the Noirvella TOUGH CITY!
Written by Yuri Lowenthal and Keith Ikeda-Barry

Mystery Crime

Noir, Hardboiled, Detective, Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action, Science Fiction, Pulp, Hard-Boiled

Deep in debt to Tough City’s biggest boss, DeCameron Wichita takes a missing persons job that he oughtn’t’ve and makes the biggest rookie mistake a guy like him could make: he falls in love. With a stone-cold killer. But because he never does anything half-way, he also interferes with a blood feud, challenges Da Cherch, butts heads with pornographers, goes on the lam from the FTCP, saves a damsel in distress, jumps out of a flying machine, puts on a dress, goes to the movies, and visits his mom. Oh yeah, and punches a whole lotta people. Just like any other day in Tough City. Only it wasn’t any other day. It was Tuesday.


“A cross between bloody-knuckle noir and old-school Pink Panther slapstick–it only hurts when you laugh, and you’ll laugh a lot.” – Scott Sigler, author Contagious

“I sat up in my seat when I read the introduction, moved to the edge when I read the first chapter, and held on tight when the damn thing took off. The only book this year that I read in one sitting, Tough City is the kind of literary experiment the world needs more of. Blisteringly odd descriptions and quirky, character-driven dialogue make for an unforgettable read!” – Travis Sentell, author Fluid

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